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We strive to provide our clients with the best consulting services that will set them on the path to success. Our clients have seen the benefits of our hard work and expertise, and we’re proud of share some of their stories here.

Let me start off by stating that your seminar was an accelerating gift of encouragement that inspired me to write this…

I attended your motivational workshop seminar through a program offered to me with high hopes of an influential inspiration to refuel the smoldering fire within my own despondency. Approaching this workshop with nothing more than an open mind and a willingness to seek self-awareness, what I discovered was an antidote to aid in the recovery of unlocking my own personal mental blockage. An enlightening experience like this through faith and belief helped clarify and encourage me to facilitate self change. I can only offer my thanks and gratitude to your unselfish willingness of sharing such wisdom. And I encourage all those who read this to look deep within your own subconscious minds, reflect on your own personal shortcomings, understand the source of it’s weakness, and take the time to attend the next upcoming workshop. The most beautiful thing about life is that we all have equal parts of the most precious resource available to us: Time. So seek to understand that we all have the same amount, but it’s how we utilize it’s gift is how we succeed in our shortcomings. Until our life’s paths cross again, may your days continue to be filled with blessings…

Brian Jones- Riverside

I’d like to thank you for the time you took to enlighten our group on many different positive outlooks. Some of what you taught opened a brand-new train of thinking and brought closer the importance of positive values, ethics, and self-image. I’d highly recommend to anyone to take a course with Dan Rivera. Thank you, Dan, and I look forward to the future meets and classes.

Charlie Negrete- Los Angeles

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